This may seem completely crazy , but if your clients are in pain, stop treating the local area.

This is breakthrough discovery explains the real reason why we have over 100 million Americans suffering with chronic pain.

Are you a healthcare professional who has lost your passion, overworked, and underpaid, doing the same thing day after day feeling like you’re not getting a real result?

If 1000’s of Healthcare professionals, just like you, have already used this system to be THE expert in treating pain, then it can work for you too.

This new system is not actually new at all, in fact it is time tested & proven effective for decades and has ONLY been taught to acupuncturists, it’s been kept a secret from all other healthcare professionals.

Start getting IMMEDIATE results in reducing or eliminating pain so you can stop wasting your day explaining, lecturing, and convincing your chronic pain clients.

The get better - feel better approach doesn't work well. We beleive in a feel better - get better approach. When a patient immediately feels a difference it is a whole new ball game.

How to Revitalize Your Passion (AND PROFITS) While Providing Even Better Results

When you help people feel better, they can't wait to talk about it.

About Us:

My name is Andrew Bloch and I've been practicing in the medical field for over 30 years as a physical therapist, athletic trainer, and an acupuncturist.

My expertise has been in the area of holistic solutions for chronic pain. In addition to TRUe breaTHTM, I have developed my own systems called Reflexive Pattern TherapyTM and Color MappingTM to help people to feel better immediately.

I am extremely excited to go on this journey with you.

Below you can learn more about our Pain-Less Dry Needling courses.

Learn More About Pain-Less Dry Needling

PainLess Dry Needling allows nearly all medical providers (in ALL 50 STATES) to provide faster results using a NEW breakthrough system.

Become certified quicker and for a fraction of the cost of traditional trigger point dry needling.

  • No Geographic Restrictions

    AVAILABLE: Unlike traditional dry needling, PainLess Dry Needling can be performed in any state.

  • Safer Treatment

    SAFER: Never needle potentially dangerous regions of the body

  • Competitive Advantage

    STAND OUT: You can stand out in a highly competitive industry.

Frequently Asked Questions

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